Children’s Ministry

We believe that children are precious and valuable. We also believe the greatest spiritual influence in a child’s life is his/her parents. This is why we love including children in our services! On Sunday mornings, everyone gathers for a time of music and prayer. Some Sundays we keep the family together for the whole service, other Sundays we provide a child-friendly version of the Sunday morning sermon. We do this to intentionally help. parents disciple their children throughout the week. We want parents to ask their children this question, “How did God speak to you today?” Their answer often opens the door for a wonderful conversation for parents to guide and shape their hearts and minds. During the week, we encourage parents to read a passage of Scripture with their children and ask, “How is God speaking to you?” This practice trains children to make this type of communication an everyday task. And this will be very important as children begin to grow in their independence.
We also offer additional ministry through seasonal music opportunities and Bible Quizzing.