Children’s Choir

Christmas 2023
This Children’s Christmas Choir performance provided children music, dramatic voice inflection, bells and stage presence. As a result, children developed talents, confidence, and friendships all under the direction of a safe and loving team. Want to know more about future opportunities? Contact our director: Heather Ryder (
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Music Camp 2023
Music Camp
Christmas Choir 2022
Christmas Choir Family Picture
The gift of music is one that lasts a lifetime! We are ecstatic to share this gift with children! In the last 9 months, we have held our first Children’s Christmas choir, Spring choir, and weeklong Summer Music Camp!
We are super excited to begin thinking about Christmas and making plans. You can be part of this choir experience by   registering here. Questions? Call or Text Heather at 352-343-0577..
Spring Choir 2023